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Morion US, an affiliate of Morion, Inc. Launches; Supplying Customers With High-Performance Crystal Oscillator And Filter (OCXO, TCXO and VCXO) Products For Telecommunications, Navigation and Test Measurement Markets


Silicon Valley CA – May 6, 2015 – Morion US, a new affiliate of well-known company, Morion, Inc. is bringing the United States more than 80 years of technology based  experience in precision quartz products, including those used for Military and Space.  The high-performance, and highly reliable crystal oscillator and crystal filter products for telecommunications, navigation, test and measurement markets, is the work of the Morion international team of creative engineers and scientists.  The team works to develop a wide range of products for various commercial, industrial and demanding applications.

Design and Manufacture of Quartz Frequency Control Products (FCP)

Morion provides a highly skilled workforce that includes research and development as well as top quality manufacturing to customers worldwide. Morion is ISO-9001 certified and provides Space qualified products on multiple platforms.  The Company is well-known in Europe.  The worldwide designer and manufacturer of quartz frequency control products (FCP) – quartz oscillators, filters and crystals is equipped with and has the most advanced state-of-the-art production and testing equipment in the field technologies and holds numerous patents for many original concepts in the FCP field.

Morion at a glance:

  • Production facilities area – about 250,000 square feet (27,000 square meters)
  • Number of employees – about 500 people including about 100 engineers, 16 PhDs and 1 Doctor;
  • Structure – 4 Scientific Production Departments (SPD) engaged in design and manufacturing of:
    SPD-1 – precision quartz oscillators,
    SPD-2 – quartz filters and crystals,
    SPD-3 – quartz blanks,
    SPD-5 – tools and specially designed production and test equipment.
  • Extensive participation in space programs  – more than 2000 units working in Space
  • Product quality record (year 2007): reject rates during production at customer side: 0.127%.
  • Filed returns – 0%.

Morion delivers an advantage by producing all critical processes in-house. It's one of the reasons Morion has become a reliable supplier successfully participating in long term and high volume projects.

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