Quartz Blanks

Quartz Blanks constitute the initial, but very important step of the production process for quartz frequency products (FCPs). Morion commands the entire spectrum of processing steps from precision X-ray orientation and doubly rotated cuts to high-quality surface lapping and polishing.

blanksAs we use our own quartz blanks in-house for our own line of oscillators, filters and crystals, the persistent continuous quality of our blanks and lenses is of paramount importance not only for our customers, but also for ourselves. From our design and manufacturing experience for oscillators and filters, we also know exactly, which blanks are required for your specific applications.

During recent years Morion has been putting a lot of efforts into quartz blanks production technology improvements in order to be able to produce high quality top level quartz blanks with tight angle accuracy and mainly for doubly rotated cuts. New equipment like EFG X-ray machines and our own technological know-how allowed us to become a supplier to the world major manufacturers of precision quartz FCPs.

In particular we manufacture quartz blanks which meet the following range of specifications:

Material – Cultured quartz, swept or non-swept.

Q-Factor  – (1,8…2,6)×10-6

Cut – AT, SC, BT, IT, FC and as specified;

Orientation Accuracy:
AT-cut, up to:
xx' = 5', zz' = 15'';

SC-cut, up to:
xx' = 1', zz' = 10'';

BT-cut, up to:
xx' = 5', zz' = 30''.

Shapes – Round with flat, rectangular, plano-plano, plano-convex, bi-convex, with or without bevel;

AT-cut fundamental – up to 45 MHz;
BT-cut fundamental – up to 72 MHz.

Plano-convex (lenses):
fundamental – from 1 MHz to 7 MHz;
3rd overtone – up to 16 MHz;
5th overtone – up to 30 MHz.

from 0,8 MHz up to 2 MHz.

Surface – lapped, etched, polished.

Also Morion, Inc. produces plano-convex quartz blanks with frequency within 5…6 MHz range, which are being used for the control of plating process (so-called monitoring lenses). Please refer to data sheet for Morion's monitoring blanks PD-01.