Introducing Rubidium Frequency Standard

Morion has released their new high stability, low-cost, miniature, programmable Rubidium Frequency Standard.

Santa Clara, California – March 30, 2021 – Morion-US, LLC (, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and production of precision quartz oscillators and time reference clocks, has introduced a new Rubidium product ideal for Navigation, Mobile Voice and Networks, UAVs, autonomous vehicles, and electric distribution monitoring usages.


The RFS-M102 is housed in a 2”x2”x1” pin-through package and operates over baseplate temperatures of -400C to +800C with ±1E-10 temperature stability.  1 pps input/output is available by default and has multiple user options.  MTBF is >200,000 hours.

Typical stability over time is:



Typical Phase Noise is:





Frequency Offset

Phase Noise

1 Second



10 Hz

 -90 dBc/Hz

10 Seconds



100 Hz

 -120 dBc/Hz

100 Seconds



1 kHz

 -135 dBc/Hz

1 Day



1 Year



Having a 24-hour holdover of <1µ second, 1 year aging of ±5E-10, retrace of <±5E-11, and excellent phase noise, the RFS-M102 is ideal for:

  • Navigation
  • Mobile Voice & Data Networks
  • Test & Measurement
  • UAVs and Vehicles
  • Electric Distribution Failure Analysis
Rubidium Frequency Standard

Product: Visit the product page

RFS-M102 datasheet: See the datasheet

RFS-M120 User Manual: Check the user manual