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We Provide A Range of OCXO, TCXO and VCXO Products:

Located in California’s Silicon Valley, Morion US supplies customers with high-performance, high-reliability crystal oscillator and crystal filter (OCXO, TCXO, and VCXO) products for telecommunications, navigation and test & measurement markets. Morion US, is a company for which quality and reliability of products supplied are uncompromised. This is the essence of Morion US, LLC.

Our technologies are based on more than 80 years experience in precision quartz products including those for Military and Space, highly skilled workforce and excellent manufacturing and   R&D capabilities.

With key experience lying in the field of Precision Oven Controlled Oscillators (OCXOs).

Work of international team of  creative engineers and scientists allow to develop a wide range of products for various commercial, industrial and demanding applications .

Availability of all critical technologies in one place  allow to be very effective in  offering a customized solutions where it is needed within reasonable lead times.

We are capable to offer flexible solutions meeting customers’ exact needs. This enables our customers to quickly respond to the changing trends and requirements and keep their competitiveness on the market.

Morion is an ISO-9001 certified and has Space Qualified products on multiple platforms. Most products can be supplied RoHs compliant.


Our Products:

Oven Controlled Oscillators

Oven Controlled Oscillators (OCXOs & DOCXOs)

Temperature Compensated Oscillators

Temperature Compensated Oscillators (TCXOs)

Voltage Controlled and Simple OscillatorsVoltage Controlled and Simple Oscillators(VCXOs & XOs)


Quartz filters


Quartz crystals


Quartz Blanks